Alice Hu is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter, and has played at familiar NYC stomping grounds such as Pianos, Rehab and Bowery Poetry Club. Growing up in the Midwest and burbs of Long Island, Alice had a mighty fine bit of time on her hands to tackle traditional Asian American past times such as classical piano, violin and crushing her fellows public school style to reach ivy league greatness. It wasn't until college that she so tritely discovered the guitar and all of its acoustic/electrical wonders. Now freshly graduated from Columbia , she aspires to win the battle against hipster ennui and determine whether 'indie' is truly a genre of music. That, or move to Brooklyn, become a pescetarian and roll out on a bianchi in full dress-and-boots regalia like it's nobody's business. Equal parts soulful and sarcastic, her music will hopefully keep her afloat before she resorts to plan B: med school and a PhD in neuroscience.